2014 Los Cabos Billfish Tournament Live Hook Up Status
Base Entry Team Division
1 Reel Gold365.00
2 Picante 451000.00
3 Minerva II800.00
**With only 1 weighed marlin, 2nd and 3rd place was determined by release points.
*Must be entered in $5k Base Entry Team Division.
Catch Stats
Team Count 15
Angler Count 70
Billfish Count 25
Blue Marlin Count 5
Black Marlin Count 0
Striped Marlin Count 18
Sailfish Count 2
Spearfish Count 0
Dorado Count 1
Wahoo Count 2
Tuna Count 5
Avg. Billfish/Team 1.67
Overall Fish Log
TeamSpeciesRelease TimeFight Time
  Video Picante 45Striped Marlin10.17.14 04:34:2211 mins.
  Pocket AcesStriped Marlin10.17.14 04:34:0818 mins.
  Minerva IIStriped Marlin10.17.14 04:32:3314 mins.
  Video Picante 45Striped Marlin10.17.14 04:15:5810 mins.
Image   GladiatorYellowfin Tuna10.17.14 04:04:541 mins.
Image   Estrella Del NorteYellowfin Tuna10.17.14 03:26:383 mins.
  Go DeeperStriped Marlin10.17.14 02:54:447 mins.
  Minerva IIPacific Sailfish10.17.14 11:06:079 mins.
  Video Picante 45Striped Marlin10.17.14 10:40:097 mins.
  Video Reel GoldStriped Marlin10.17.14 10:32:573 mins.
  Video PredatorStriped Marlin10.16.14 04:21:153 mins.
  Video Minerva IIBlue Marlin10.16.14 02:27:3714 mins.
  Bill CollectorPacific Sailfish10.16.14 01:58:385 mins.
Image   GladiatorYellowfin Tuna10.16.14 01:54:1312 mins.
  Video SolmarStriped Marlin10.16.14 01:30:075 mins.
Base Entry Most Billfish Release Points
1 Picante 451000
2 Minerva II800
3 Pocket Aces800
4 Solmar700
5 Predator300
*Must be entered in $5k Base Entry Team Division.
Largest Marlin Jackpot
1 Reel GoldBlue Marlin Image   365.00
*Must be entered in $5k Base Entry Team Division and Optional Largest Marlin Jackpot.